Takemusu Aikido Amsterdam sluit de deuren per April 2015 en stapt over naar Systema Amsterdam.


Zie www.systema-amsterdam.nl voor meer informatie.


Hereby I would like to announce that I (Patrick van het Nederend) will leave the Aikido scene completely and will continue my Martial Art journey in “Systema”.

This means that my Dojo “Takemusu Aikido Amsterdam” that I started 8 years ago will close its doors, at least for the people that will continue the road of Takemusu Aikido. For the people that trust and believe in me  will join me in this Systema journey at Systema Amsterdam that was founded in the beginning of 2014.

First off all I like to show my respect and gratitude to all my members and visitors that supported and believed in me the past 8 years. We always received a lot of compliments about the group, how great and close group yet very approachable, hospitable and friendly ;-). I always say the people make the Dojo and still believe in that! With this gratitude and respect I hope that people trust and believe in me. Also the people that continue the road of Aikido I hope that it brings you good things in the future.

The reason of this new road is that I can’t stand behind the quality and effectiveness (transferability) of the way we train in Takemusu Aikido in the percent of western life.  Systema opened my eyes on a lot of things and transferability is one of the big eye-openers, because you use it directly in daily life and becomes a true way of life.

My goal is to create healthy people that also can protect themselves an others if that is necessary. And that in the present time and place where we are. The here and now. And more and more I see the non productiveness of techniques, kata’s, exams and other not healthy patterns. Also the not so natural way over stances, movement, culture and limited way of freedom in Takemusu Aikido is something that is in conflict in the way I study and see things now.

The Japanese way of training is like a Zen riddle, you have to be a thief and steel the technique and principles that make the technique works! This leads to self-interpretation, ideas, put this in form and kata like techniques ad an sauce of hierarchy to it and the Zen riddle is complete!


your been told that after many years of training it will appear and you can see the principles that make everything works and only then can train it. But why don’t we train these principles from the beginning? Why hard to learn kata’s, forms, techniques and not natural movements what most people never get? Why train this if the application is different?

Most people train 2 max 3 times a week and with this way of training it works contra productive and you are just creating wrong patters! Form with no content, we say we do but do most people get it? More and more I struggle with the disturbance  of the kata’s, techniques, patterns, exam’s, etc… All a false idea to hold on to something, progression  and ego. This is not what training is about in my book. People need to learn something that they can use in everyday life and profit from it directly,  each training more and more. Life doesn’t care much of what grade, title, kata you know or title you have.

Form and patters is a big problem in learning principles. Now I know that principles can be trained starting day one of practice!

In Systema I found “Takemusu AIki. It is nothing more than letting go of what you think you know and need, use what is already there and training can be one big play yard. It is very big but at the same time small because you use the same principles for every situation.

What I find the most liberating in Systema is that it is kept simple,  technical questions are answered different from what I used to. Not complicated like put your hand there your foot there and then …. but explained trough the principles. Seldom the same thing is showed to prevent patterns and copying behavior. It is small but very big at the same time and can be applied everywhere, any time, place and situation because it are principles!

The so called “Health” aspect in Systema is also very special. Breathing, conditioning off the body, healing old injuries by moving correctly, discover your body, deeper and deeper until controlling your fear, stress, heartbeat, etc.. For me this is very important to train long, healthy, being healthy in daily life and helping people! I see great potential is this aspect of Systema also for people that are not interested in de Combat side. Everybody can benefit from this training even with people with limitations and injuries.  Natural movement we use in daily life is the same work in Combat work or whatever you do! It is natural movement without tension! This work also includes the emotional side of use and works the same way. I have been using this way with people I trained to overcome or learning do deal with their fears and traumas.

Again you can use this directly in every daily life or in Combat, no unnatural forms but natural movement without tension and a deep level of relaxation.  Body and Mind knowledge!

I feel responsible for my student and want the best for them. I hope that they trust and believe in me and join me in this journey. It will bring them great knowledge on many aspects. I see this change as very positive for the development of the students and see that nothing change and the things that disturb the training is left out of it.  No belts, no forms, no status, but just “knowing yourself”!

With Respect and Best Wishes,


Patrick van het Nederend












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